Google Adwords

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Google AdWords is an online advertising tool developed by Google. It helps you to advertise your brand and drives more traffic and leads for your business. Google AdWords allows you to advertise your business directly to the audience searching for a business like yours. Google AdWords has some special features like immediate impact, Pay only when people click, cost friendly and has the maximum relevance to target the exact customers.

Google AdWords can be categorized into 5 parts such as Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads and universal app campaign.

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When you search something on Google, the “Ad” marked links are the ads and are promoted through Search Ads. These Ads depend on the factors like target location, search phrases and keywords, bids and quality scores. These Search Ads come right away once you enter the keyword or term on the Google page.


The Display Ads are appeared only on advertising supported websites. Google selects the websites to show these Ads on the basis of keywords of the brand and the content of the website. If you want your ads to be advertised only on travel related websites, then with the help of Google Display Ads, you can advertise that on supported travel sites to target the audience.


Google Shopping Ads are showed at the top of a Google Search results page whenever someone searches for a tangible product that is sold online. Google Shopping AdWords tool feature a product image and a price to help them stand out from the rest of search results. This tool is very helpful for the new product based businesses to grow their network into market.